Rejuvenating your appearance without undergoing surgery is now possible with the Silhouette InstaLift in El Segundo. This non-surgical facelift is available for patients who want to keep looking young without the potential complications of surgical treatments. The Silhouette InstaLift provides instant visible results, lifting sagging skin and reducing deep creases like the nasolabial folds for a youthful appearance.

How Does the Silhouette InstaLift Work?

The Silhouette InstaLift uses biodegradable threads with absorbable cones made with polyglycolide/L-lactide. This well-tolerated substance is also a component of absorbable sutures.

During the treatment, the threads are injected using tiny needles. They are inserted under the subcutaneous fat layer just beneath the skin in opposite directions.

When the threads are inserted, the cones on the threads anchor to the skin tissue. The threads are then gently pulled, producing an instantaneous lifting effect.

The cones also stimulate collagen production over time. Because of this, InstaLift threads not only immediately reduce skin laxity, they also boost skin volume over time.

The procedure can be done in under an hour, with minimal downtime needed. It can be performed not only for the midface region but also on the brows. The neck, chin, and jawline can also be treated to reduce moderate sagging. It is important to note that patients with excessive skin laxity may not achieve good results with this treatment.

Why Is the Silhouette InstaLift Better than Other Thread Treatments?

In comparison with other thread treatments, the Silhouette InstaLift uses bidirectional cones, while other threads have barbs. The barbs can cause visible tracks on the skin and may snap or fail.

InstaLift threads have superior lifting effects for improved holding power. The greater longevity of the InstaLift threads allow the treatment to exhibit longer-lasting results.

Silhouette InstaLift threads also stimulate collagen production, resulting in more natural, nuanced facial expressions.

Enjoying the Results of Your Non-Surgical Facelift

After your procedure, you can take a day off to rest and recuperate. You can engage in light activities a day or two after your InstaLift procedure. Limit your facial motions for the next 24 hours. There is minimal discomfort that should go away quickly.

You’ll notice a visible improvement of your sagging cheeks or brows. You can see the changes in the contours of your jawline and tighter skin under your chin. Your laugh lines will be smoothed away for a younger-looking appearance.

The coned threads will be absorbed within a period of 6 to 18 months. However, the newly formed collagen is left intact, extending results. Silhouette InstaLift treatments are recommended every 18 months.

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