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I’m Dr. Mark Rayman and I’m here for you –

On the Home page, I provided quite a bit of information about how Beach Aesthetics helps our patients with vein conditions and aesthetic concerns. Now I’d like to share with you some specifics about my philosophy, educational background, and experience as a highly skilled vein specialist…

Philosophy – It’s not about me, it’s about you…

1. You’re #1 – Perhaps more important than any training or experience I have is how I feel about you – my patient. In my opinion, it is all about you. I feel that it is so important to listen to you, understand your needs and concerns, and treat you with respect. I do my best to answer all of your questions, provide a wide range of treatment options, and help create a treatment plan with you that satisfies your motivations.

2. Your time is important, and much like you, I hate waiting for a long time. Whether it’s on the phone or in our office, my staff and I always try to answer your phone calls promptly, get you an appointment as soon as possible, and run on time.

3. Your experience should be pleasant and comfortable. Doesn’t this make sense? I think that too often people are not attentive enough when it comes to how the patient is feeling. That is why I make it a point to assure that you are not only comfortable in our reception area, but that you experience little to no discomfort during your evaluation and treatment. My goal is for you to leave here feeling that you’ve received the best treatment possible. And that’s what I want for you – the best.

Things you might want to know about me:


Undergraduate: UCLA

Medical School: UCLA

Residency: Cedars Sinai Medical Center – Diagnostic Radiology

Fellowship: UCLA – Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Board Certifications:

American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Disease* – The field of venous disease is commonly referred to as Phlebology. Physicians from many fields practice in this specialty, but only a small number have actually passed the examination given by this board. I am one of a small group of physicians (currently 717) nationwide who has passed the examination administered by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Disease, demonstrating expertise in the understanding and treatment of venous conditions.

American Board of Radiology – Vascular and Interventional Radiology – A highly specialized branch of medicine which involves the performance of a wide range of minimally invasive procedures under imaging guidance. This rigorous certification requires passage of both written and oral examinations and requires re-certification every ten years.

American Board of Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology – This specialized branch of medicine involves training in the imaging of the human body through multiple modalities, including CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray and Ultrasound. The examination, which has both oral and written components, is preceded by an intensive four year residency program.


I left UCLA in 1994 to become the first fellowship trained interventional radiologist to join Kaiser Permanente in southern California. Over nineteen years I helped build one of the premiere interventional radiology departments in the region. During that time, I performed thousands of minimally invasive procedures and became an expert in the treatment of venous disease. I was the first physician at Kaiser Permanente to perform endovenous laser ablation, the Clarivein procedure, and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy for varicose vein disease. I also provided training in these procedures to many other physicians.

In Case You Need to Know More:

I’m an Interventional Radiologist – Interventional radiologists are board certified physicians who specialize in minimally invasive treatments that are done non-surgically. These treatments offer less risk, less pain, and shorter recovery times than surgery. There are specific skills which I have acquired as a specialist in my field which makes me exceptionally qualified to perform minimally invasive treatments to help patients reach their goals for venous and aesthetic concerns.

Knowledge of Anatomy – Over the years I have studied anatomy in numerous ways, through ultrasound, CT, MRI and venography…as well as by taking an advanced certification cadaver course for facial anatomy. These many years of training and experience are important, as their are tremendous variations one can see from patient to patient. One must understand the anatomy in order to determine what needs to be treated, and how best to approach it. Over many years of interpreting studies and performing procedures on a wide range of patients, I have learned to appreciate and treat every patient as a unique individual, to help get them the very best care possible.

Technical skills – As an interventional radiologist, I have mastered a wide range of minimally invasive techniques, utilizing tiny needles, cannulas and catheters to perform treatments while leaving little to no trace that anything was ever done – with typically outstanding medical and cosmetic results. Many of these procedures can be very tricky and require considerable experience and expertise. These techniques are exactly what are utilized in the state of the art procedures used to treat the aesthetic and venous conditions seen in my practice today.

Ultrasound training and experience – Most varicose vein problems are diagnosed using ultrasound guidance. Prior to training in interventional radiology, I trained in diagnostic radiology where I spent many years personally performing and interpreting diagnostic ultrasound. In addition, during my many years as an interventional radiologist, I have performed thousands of procedures under ultrasound guidance. Such training and experience is not typical of doctors in other specialties in medicine.

In my current practice, I utilize my expertise to personally scan each of my patients, so that even the subtlest of problems is found and an accurate diagnosis is made. I also do my own scanning during the procedures, to assure the best possible outcomes in my patients. Over the years I have taught many ultrasound technologists and physicians the technique of scanning for varicose vein disease, and I continue to pass my knowledge on to others through various training programs.

If you’re still reading this, you’re done. It’s time to pick up the phone and contact Beach Aesthetics at (310) 986-6500 to make an appointment today. Come see me, and start yourself on the path to being vein and pain-free!

*Formerly The American Board of Phlebology, recently re-named the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Disease.

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