YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! This review will be helpful to those who have delayed doing something about their varicose veins because of fear. If you are scared of needles, traumatized from past surgical procedures, and burdened by years of daily reminders of having painful, bothersome, and tired legs due to varicose veins, you do not need to worry anymore, nor do you need to suffer any longer from the physical and emotional pains that come with varicose veins thanks to Dr. Rayman and his exceptional medical practice. A bit of background: I had surgery 8 years ago by a surgeon to address varicose veins in my right leg — a “real” surgery in a hospital operating room, with full general anesthesia. Not only were the surgery and its after effects painful and long lasting (including nerve damage), even more varicose veins started popping up about a couple years later. Due to that bad experience, I decided I would NEVER do anything about my varicose veins again, and that I was destined to live with the pain, discomfort, and ugliness. Fast forward 8 years, and the discomfort/pain, heaviness/throbbing, etc. were really getting to be a daily issue. Even people were coming up to me asking if my legs were hurting, because they looked like they felt! So I decided to do my due diligence and started to do a lot of research online (medical conditions, procedures, and various doctors). Thanks to Yelp, I found Dr. Rayman!! Being a bit gun shy, I called his office twice with tons of questions, and then proceeded to see him for TWO consultations (with my notepad full of questions). Each time, and with every interaction I had with him and his staff , I felt more and more at ease. Dr. Rayman showed me with the ultrasound exactly what my veins were doing and not doing. (And low and behold, the vein that was supposedly tied off 8 years ago was still there, bad as ever.) He and each one of his staff received me and my zillion questions with such respect, patience, compassion, and professionalism. Three weeks after my consultations, I had my radiofrequency ablation (RFA) done! Dr. Rayman and his staff are great, but I think they are able to show their personal best when actually performing the procedure — during the procedure, there was wonderful bedside manner, nice music playing, excellent communication between doctor and patient and assistants, and obvious skill and confidence. Being embarrassingly afraid of needles, I must say it was really fine! I wanted to hug him when it was over, he was that great and showed that much care! I also appreciate his practical tips on how to distract myself when he was administering the numbing medication!! And considering it’s just 3 days after my procedure and I’ve already made my appointment for Dr. Rayman to do my left leg (same condition), you’ve got to know that I’m completely satisfied, comfortable, and grateful. I told him, “Dr. Rayman, thank you for doing what you do!!!!