External Laser Therapy for Spider Veins El Segundo

Unsightly spider veins on your face, legs or elsewhere on your body may make you feel self-conscious and take extra measures to cover them up. Perhaps you’re putting on makeup, self-tanning, or wearing unrevealing clothing.  While taking these steps can be useful, they can be costly, time-consuming, and ultimately still don’t solve the underlying problem.

If you’re ready to make a longer lasting impact on the appearance of your spider veins, the team at Beach Aesthetics can help you.  We utilize a variety of state-of-the-art treatments to help our patients get the best results possible.  One of the most popular treatments is external laser therapy, a highly effective option in many circumstances.

What is external laser for spider veins and how does it work?

External laser is a treatment that delivers highly focused light energy directly to unsightly spider veins. The laser energy heats the veins and causes them to collapse. The veins are then absorbed by the body and disappear over time.

What veins or situations are best suited for external laser treatment?

External laser is most effective on spider veins at the skin’s surface that are visible to the naked eye. While it can be used on spider veins on most parts of the body, it is particularly useful on the face (sides of the nose, cheeks), the back and the legs.

External laser therapy treatment is often a good choice for patients who are afraid of needles and thus not comfortable with sclerotherapy. It is also an excellent alternative for people who have a history of an allergic reaction to sclerosing medications, or who have not responded well to other methods of treatment such as sclerotherapy or VeinGogh.

What to expect During External Laser treatment for Spider veins

The treatment is actually relatively easy to undergo. After your skin is cleansed and any makeup and/or skin care products are removed, your provider places a small handheld device on your skin and delivers small bursts of light energy to the veins. The sensation you feel is like a warm pinprick. Typically multiple veins are treated in a single session.


What to expect After External Laser treatment for Spider veins

Immediately after treatment you may notice slight reddish discoloration at the treatment sites. This should disappear within 24- 48 hours. If the area that has been treated is likely to receive significant sun exposure, sunscreen (SPF 30 or greater) should be applied to the areas right after treatment. This should be continued for several days.

After the treatment, you are free to engage in most activities. In general, you should avoid prolonged sun exposure to areas during the week after treatment. If external laser has been performed for spider veins on your legs, you will be wearing compression stockings for one week and during that time you should refrain from strenuous activities like running and weightlifting, and avoid hot baths and saunas.

After external laser for spider veins, the veins decrease in size and are gradually absorbed back into the body. As the veins may not totally disappear, additional treatments are sometimes needed to obtain the best results.

Am I a Good Candidate for External Laser for Spider veins?

If you have spider veins that make you feel self-conscious, you may be a good candidate for external laser treatment. The treatment that is best for you depends on multiple factors, including the location and size of the veins, your skin type, and your medical history. To know for sure if external laser treatment is right for you, it is wise to have a consultation with a vein expert.

To learn more About External Laser Treatment for Spider Veins…

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