Are unsightly spider veins (a.k.a. telangiectasias) making you feel self-conscious about your body? There isn’t much you can do about these issues on your own, but there are treatment options available that can take care of those pesky blood vessels and help you regain control over the way you look. At Beach Aesthetics in El Segundo, we can use VeinGogh™ to treat your frustrating spider veins.

VeinGogh Machine

What is VeinGogh?

VeinGogh is a minimally invasive treatment to eliminate unsightly spider veins (telangiectasias). It is typically performed in the office by either a nurse or MD. This simple treatment utilizes microbursts of energy delivered through a tiny needle to the target vein.

The heat damages the vein and causes it to collapse, which seals it off. Over time, the now-closed-off vein will shrink and slowly be absorbed by the body, making it no longer visible.

What is VeinGogh used to treat?

VeinGogh is most effective to treat the tiniest of red veins. It can be utilized in many areas including:

  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Chest

VeinGogh is often used to treat spider veins that have not responded well or become resistant to other modes of therapy, such as sclerotherapy, external laser or IPL. It is also useful in dark-skinned individual are at risk of hyperpigmentation with other treatment types.

What is a VeinGogh treatment like?

At Beach Aesthetics in El Segundo, VeinGogh™ treatment is an outpatient procedure. It can take anywhere from five to forty-five minutes to perform a VeinGogh™ treatment depending on the number of areas being treated and the number of veins present. The treatment does not require the use of any anesthetic.

VVeinGogh™ is performed using a handheld device that contains a special needle. This needle emits high-frequency electrical energy. The needle is carefully inserted into the target vein, and once inserted, the needle emits a quick pulse of electrical energy to heat the vein. The vein typically shrinks or instantly disappears at the treatment site. This process is then repeated as the needle is inserted at other sites where spider veins remain. While multiple sites are typically treated in a given session, the exact number of sites depends on how many veins there are.

What to expect after VeinGogh treatment?

There is no recovery period required after your VeinGogh™ treatment. Some people may notice a bit of redness around the treatment site; this should dissipate over the next few hours. Application of a small amount of ice can be soothing during and immediately after treatment. In general, however, there is little to no discomfort after VeinGogh.

In the days after treatment there may be some crusting around the treated areas. This issue should be barely noticeable and typically disappears in a short period of time.

Improvement in the appearance of spider veins is often seen immediately after VeinGogh treatment, but there may be noticeable differences over the coming weeks. Additional treatments may be necessary to get the best results.

Am I a good candidate for VeinGogh?

If you have tiny red veins on the sides or under your nose, on your cheeks, or even on your chin, you may be a good candidate for VeinGogh. Other instances in which VeinGogh may be particularly useful are the treatment of spider veins which have not responded well to other treatments (e.g. sclerotherapy, laser, or IPL) or if you have dark skin and are at risk for hyperpigmentation with other types of treatment.


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