Severe varicose veins are even more unsightly than they are uncomfortable. My varicose saphenous vein progressed over several years. As a retired Podiatrist I had seen the old way of solving this problem, where the vein was dissected out via a length of the leg incision that took weeks to heal, left a prominent scar, and had a much greater risk of infection. I had always thought there should be a better way. Eventually I retired without that new way coming forward. About ten years ago a new method was developed called (RFA) Radio Frequency Ablation, where heat is applied at the proximal (nearest the groin) end of the vein to close it down; this stops the reflux of blood back into the leg. The remainder of the vein is then removed in a separate procedure through several micro-incisions. I was curious about these procedures, but since the ablation is performed via a catheter directed through my vein, it was clear to me that someone with experience in the field of interventional radiology would have the best knowledge and experience to perform the procedure to the highest standard. I live in Orange County. I didn’t find anyone with my preferred credentials locally, but I did come across Dr. Mark Rayman in El Segundo. Dr. Rayman spent fifteen years as an interventional radiologist, inserting catheters throughout patients’ bodies. Realizing El Segundo was an hour drive each way away for me, I put off calling for a couple of weeks until I realized there was no one else I would consider for my procedures. When I called to book my appointment I was very impressed with the friendliness of the receptionist and time flexibility they offered me, since I would be coming from a distance. At my initial consultation I was warmly greeted in the office. Dr. Rayman was very gracious and friendly as he went through my history, and his examination and treatment recommendations. I knew immediately he was the one to do these procedures. The ablation was performed on a Monday; the micro-phlebectomy (removal of vein) performed three days later. I can honest say that I felt no pain whatsoever during either procedure and had no side effects. I took no pain medicine after either procedure except for the OTC oral anti-inflammatory to prevent inflammation around the remaining veins. I walked out of the office after each procedure. Two days later all dressings were removed. I wore a support stocking for almost two weeks. I would do it over without a thought; but fortunately I won’t have to. I encourage anyone having severe varicose veins to consider a visit to Dr. Rayman’s office. Even if you live far away, the professionalism and friendliness of his office staff combined with Dr. Rayman’s knowledge, experience, and friendly bedside manner are worth the drive.