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“Dr. Rayman, thank you for doing what you do!!!!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on June 15, 2019

YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! This review will be helpful to those who have delayed doing something about their varicose veins because of fear. If you are scared of needles, traumatized from past surgical procedures, and burdened by years of daily reminders of having painful, bothersome, and tired legs due to varicose veins, you do not need to worry anymore, nor do you need to suffer any longer from the physical and emotional pains that come with varicose veins thanks to Dr. Rayman and his exceptional medical practice. A bit of background: I had surgery 8 years ago by a surgeon to address varicose veins in my right leg — a “real” surgery in a hospital operating room, with full general anesthesia. Not only were the surgery and its after effects painful and long lasting (including nerve damage), even more varicose veins started popping up about a couple years later. Due to that bad experience, I decided I would NEVER do anything about my varicose veins again, and that I was destined to live with the pain, discomfort, and ugliness. Fast forward 8 years, and the discomfort/pain, heaviness/throbbing, etc. were really getting to be a daily issue. Even people were coming up to me asking if my legs were hurting, because they looked like they felt! So I decided to do my due diligence and started to do a lot of research online (medical conditions, procedures, and various doctors). Thanks to Yelp, I found Dr. Rayman!! Being a bit gun shy, I called his office twice with tons of questions, and then proceeded to see him for TWO consultations (with my notepad full of questions). Each time, and with every interaction I had with him and his staff , I felt more and more at ease. Dr. Rayman showed me with the ultrasound exactly what my veins were doing and not doing. (And low and behold, the vein that was supposedly tied off 8 years ago was still there, bad as ever.) He and each one of his staff received me and my zillion questions with such respect, patience, compassion, and professionalism. Three weeks after my consultations, I had my radiofrequency ablation (RFA) done! Dr. Rayman and his staff are great, but I think they are able to show their personal best when actually performing the procedure — during the procedure, there was wonderful bedside manner, nice music playing, excellent communication between doctor and patient and assistants, and obvious skill and confidence. Being embarrassingly afraid of needles, I must say it was really fine! I wanted to hug him when it was over, he was that great and showed that much care! I also appreciate his practical tips on how to distract myself when he was administering the numbing medication!! And considering it’s just 3 days after my procedure and I’ve already made my appointment for Dr. Rayman to do my left leg (same condition), you’ve got to know that I’m completely satisfied, comfortable, and grateful. I told him, “Dr. Rayman, thank you for doing what you do!!!!


“I knew immediately he was the one to do these procedures”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on June 10, 2019

Severe varicose veins are even more unsightly than they are uncomfortable. My varicose saphenous vein progressed over several years. As a retired Podiatrist I had seen the old way of solving this problem, where the vein was dissected out via a length of the leg incision that took weeks to heal, left a prominent scar, and had a much greater risk of infection. I had always thought there should be a better way. Eventually I retired without that new way coming forward. About ten years ago a new method was developed called (RFA) Radio Frequency Ablation, where heat is applied at the proximal (nearest the groin) end of the vein to close it down; this stops the reflux of blood back into the leg. The remainder of the vein is then removed in a separate procedure through several micro-incisions. I was curious about these procedures, but since the ablation is performed via a catheter directed through my vein, it was clear to me that someone with experience in the field of interventional radiology would have the best knowledge and experience to perform the procedure to the highest standard. I live in Orange County. I didn’t find anyone with my preferred credentials locally, but I did come across Dr. Mark Rayman in El Segundo. Dr. Rayman spent fifteen years as an interventional radiologist, inserting catheters throughout patients’ bodies. Realizing El Segundo was an hour drive each way away for me, I put off calling for a couple of weeks until I realized there was no one else I would consider for my procedures. When I called to book my appointment I was very impressed with the friendliness of the receptionist and time flexibility they offered me, since I would be coming from a distance. At my initial consultation I was warmly greeted in the office. Dr. Rayman was very gracious and friendly as he went through my history, and his examination and treatment recommendations. I knew immediately he was the one to do these procedures. The ablation was performed on a Monday; the micro-phlebectomy (removal of vein) performed three days later. I can honest say that I felt no pain whatsoever during either procedure and had no side effects. I took no pain medicine after either procedure except for the OTC oral anti-inflammatory to prevent inflammation around the remaining veins. I walked out of the office after each procedure. Two days later all dressings were removed. I wore a support stocking for almost two weeks. I would do it over without a thought; but fortunately I won’t have to. I encourage anyone having severe varicose veins to consider a visit to Dr. Rayman’s office. Even if you live far away, the professionalism and friendliness of his office staff combined with Dr. Rayman’s knowledge, experience, and friendly bedside manner are worth the drive.


“Dr. Rayman and his staff are the best!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 27, 2019

Dr. Rayman and his staff are the best! I took advantage of the free consultation and was greeted by an amazing staff and Dr. Rayman. This visit gave me the confidence that I came to the right place and to the right people. I scheduled my next visit and right away Dr. Rayman was able to quickly and accurately pin point the cause of my condition. I then scheduled an RFA ablation procedure on both of my legs on consecutive days. The whole process was quick and painless! Dr. Rayman walked me through the entire procedure, he was great! After a few weeks of recovery I was able to resume my regular activities of running and exercise. In fact, a day after the recovery period was over, I was able to run 3 miles. A week later I was able to run a 5K race without any pain or issues. Thanks to Dr. Rayman, my condition had improved so much that no further treatment was needed. This place is second to none, outstanding service, outstanding results thank you Dr. Rayman and your entire staff!


“I finally found a place that I can trust”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 20, 2019

For 20 years I have been looking at my legs and thinking, “I have to fix these veins”! I finally found a place that I can trust. Dr. Rayman knows his stuff and he is the vein doctor you are looking for. The staff is wonderful from the moment you walk in the door. Starting with your ultrasound assessment, you will understand what your vein issues are and what it will take to fix them! The ugly green varicose veins are gone and after each treatment, my massive spider veins are leaving too! Dr. Rayman practices what he calls, “happy medicine”. He is happy to fix me, and I am happy he does!


“Make an appointment with Dr. Rayman today”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 13, 2019

If outstanding results are important to you, make an appointment with Dr. Rayman today. He is professional, engaging, caring and has the perfect blend of medical acumen and artistry that creates excellent results. I was frustrated with the unattractive appearance of the veins on my hands until Dr.. Rayman worked his magic. The transformation of my hands is truly amazing; they look a few decades younger. They look so good that I will now find excuses to show off my hands whenever possible. I love Dr. Rayman! Like Dr, Rayman, his staff is very professional and each team member has a great sense of humor. The office is so clean and inviting. The pricing for Dr. Rayman’s services are reasonable. My rating for Dr. Rayman is an A plus!


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