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    What is it?

    ThermiVa® is a non-surgical procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to gently provide temperature-controlled heat to the vagina and surrounding vulva. The many benefits that may be seen with ThermiVa® include:

    • Improved vaginal tightness
    • Increased moisture
    • Enhanced sexual sensitivity
    • Diminished pain during intercourse
    • Elimination or diminishment of urinary stress incontinence
    • Improved cosmetic appearance

    Many of these issues can be dramatically improved, safely and comfortably, with a simple outpatient procedure known as ThermiVa®.

    Images of a group of women sharing their bodies after ThermiVa® treatment
    Dr. Rayman & Nurse Marisa

    Dr. Rayman | Nurse Marisa

    Medical Director of Beach Aesthetics

    Dr. Rayman believes that no stone should be unturned in delivering every patient exceptional care.

    A dedicated minimally invasive specialist, Dr. Rayman’s approach to rejuvenation emphasizes patient comfort and enhancement of the patient’s beauty to achieve natural looking results.

    Marisa began her nursing career at a medical spa, where she discovered her passion for cosmetic procedures. Soon afterwards she joined Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center, where her skills as an aesthetic nurse blossomed.

    Infographic: Top 6 Reasons Women Love THERMIva®
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiVa®?

    If you are noticing a decrease in vaginal tightness, mild to moderate urinary leakage (when sneezing, coughing, or working out), vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, or are just looking to improve the cosmetic appearance of the exterior of the vagina and labia, you may be a good candidate for ThermiVa®.

    How Many ThermiVa Treatment Do I Need?

    For best and longest-lasting results, a series of 3 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart is recommended. The Results provided by ThermiVa typically last for up to a year. After this time period, touchup treatments can be performed to help maintain results. Any touchup treatments are typically scheduled 6 to 12 months apart.

    Are There Any Risks?

    There are very few potential risks associated with ThermiVa treatments. The treatment does not cause any damage to the tissues being treated and the heat admitted by the device does not burn or cause blistering to occur.

    How Much Will My ThermiVa Treatments Cost?

    Cost will vary depending on the number of treatments needed to attain your ideal results. At Beach Aesthetics, we offer financing options to make the payment process more manageable.