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    Hand Rejuvenation

    Aging and the Hands

    As you age, loss of collagen, elastin and fat on the backs of the hands naturally occurs. Exposure to sun also affects the skin. These can lead to the appearance of:

    • Prominent veins
    • Noticeable tendons
    • Wrinkly skin
    • Age spots
    Older lady happy after her treatment in hand rejuvination
    Dr. Rayman

    Dr. Rayman

    Medical Director of Beach Aesthetics

    Dr. Rayman believes that no stone should be unturned in delivering every patient exceptional care.

    A dedicated minimally invasive specialist, Dr. Rayman’s approach to rejuvenation emphasizes patient comfort and enhancement of the patient’s beauty to achieve natural looking results. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Rayman sets the tone for the team at Beach Aesthetics, where patients can expect to be treated like family – safely, comfortably and reliably.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Hand Vein Sclerotherapy treatment like?

    The procedure is easy to undergo. After the hands are cleansed, a tiny needle is gently inserted into a vein on the back of the hand. The vein is then injected with a sclerosing medication. In a similar manner, multiple veins may be injected on both hands in the same session. A compression wrap is then placed on the hands for a couple of days.

    What to Expect During Hand Vein Microphlebectomies?

    This is actually an easy procedure to undergo. First your hands are cleansed. Numbing medicine is then placed on the backs of the hands. Then, through tiny incisions, the bulging veins are removed. Afterwards tiny adhesive steri-strips are placed over the removal sites and the hands are wrapped in a bandage.

    What dermal fillers are used for Hand Rejuvenation?

    There are several products which are used for hand rejuvenation. These include:

    • Radiesse
    • Restylane Lyft
    • Juvederm Voluma
    • Juvederm Ultra Plus

    To know which product is best for you it is best to consult with an expert in hand rejuvenation.

    What is a Dermal Filler hand treatment like?

    First your hands will be cleansed. Then, using a small needle or cannula, the filler is injected into the backs of the hands. Typically the hands are then massaged to evenly distribute the filler. That’s it. You are then free toleave the office and go about your day.

    What is IPL and how does it work?

    IPL is a light based energy treatment that is used to get rid of unwanted pigment. It involves administration of light to the skin through a small hand piece. The light is absorbed by the cells that make the pigment, causing the cells to slough off. This effectively diminishes or eliminates skin discolorations like age spots. Commonly used for photofacial rejuvenation, it is also an excellent treatment for unwanted blemishes on the hands.

    What to Expect During IPL?

    The procedure is fast and easy to undergo. After cool gel is applied to your skin, a hand piece is moved over the backs of your hands asbursts of light energy are delivered. The treatment feels like a snapping sensation against your skin. The procedure is easily tolerated and takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

    Am I a good candidate for Hand Rejuvenation?

    If you have hands that look older than you feel, you are most likely a good candidate for hand rejuvenation. As far as which treatment is best for you, that depends on a variety of factors.

    Sometimes there is clearly one treatment which is best, whereas in other circumstances there are several options, used individually or in combination, which might help you get the best results. To learn more about which treatment is best for you, a formal consultation is necessary.